Aquastyle Swim School

Learning to swim - an asset for life

Welcome to Aquastyle Swim School. We provide quality service in a safe, secure, enjoyable learning environment where your child will learn a skill for life. Our teachers are quiet and caring and the safety and welfare of our pupils is our first priority.

Classes are held in a happy atmosphere, with the emphasis on developing confidence within each child as an individual. Our centres specialise in swimming lessons, and as such there is no public swimming, so lessons are undisturbed. Children are able to concentrate on learning so swim without distractions.

We are keen for all our pupils to improve and welcome queries parents have regarding their child’s progress. We will do everything possible to ensure that your child has an enjoyable, safe and successful time learning to swim.​


Hello Aquastyle community,

We are getting more and more excited by the day at the prospect of re opening our doors. 

💛 We miss all our families immensely 💙

At this stage we 


We are heavily involved in industry discussions around what the government guidelines are and what this means for swim schools reopening. 

An enormous amount of planning and organising is going on behind the scenes at the moment to prepare us to re open. 

Please understand the re open will be slow, it will be in stages and it will be different to our ‘usual’ operation. 

We will require a huge amount of cooperation and support on your behalf and we hope we can count on you all ❤️


Over the coming weeks, please keep a keen eye out on your email – we will be contacting some customers in order to discuss their specific situation. The more promptly you can reply, the quicker you will make this whole process for everyone.

Thankyou very much!

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