Here at Aquastyle we strive for progress at all times. 

From day one your little swimmer has the ability to achieve a certificate!

Our first set of certificates are for the Nursery students (6months – 3 years old) and they cover everything from 

“I can splash” & “I can collect toys with help”

Right through to

“I can put my eyes in and blow bubbles” & “I can paddle to my parents with an aid”

Once the child is in classes on their own (3 years and above) they then strive for one of our 21 certificates. 

Our certificates are laid out in a progression method, starting with things like:

“I can slide safely into the water” & “I can pour water on my head” 

All the way through to things like:

“45m Freestyle” & “15m of Breastroke” 

At Aquastyle students are assessed on a weekly basis. We do not have one specific  “testing day” and they are not only assessed once a term! Every week the teacher will give the child an opportunity to perform or work towards all the criteria of the next certificate. 

The progress and competency is not only assessed by the teacher, we have an on deck supervisor at all times. 

One of the roles of the supervisor is to assess the children from outside of the water – this is helpful because the stroke/ability can look a little different from one vantage point to the other. 

After every shift the supervisor and teacher will discuss the progress of each and every student. They will discuss if the child has consistently shown the skill set necessary to achieve that next certificate. If they feel the student is not ready, they will discuss and plan how they intend to help the student progress. 

Supervisors also give feedback to parents to ensure everyone knows what needs to be worked on and where each child is at. 

Once the child has achieved all 21 certificates they can GRADUATE! woohoo!

They children receive a graduation certificate along with a congratulations letter from the owners! 

Once they’ve completed our learn to swim certificates, they’re eligible to go to our Pre-Squad program if they wish. 

The certificate layout for Pre-Squad is quite different!

Every term the children complete a timed swim and a distance swim, receiving a certificate outlining their results. 

Personal bests are highlighted and celebrated! 

Once the students can achieve a certain time for each stroke, they can be awarded bronze, silver and gold medals!

Overall our certificate system is very well monitored, reported on and held to a very high and consistent standard across the board. 

We love seeing every swimmer progress and achieve!