Mission statement:

To provide quality service in a safe, secure, enjoyable learning environment where your child will learn a skill for life.

To build self-esteem and encourage children to do the best they can.

To always reward the effort and not just the result.

“Learning to swim, an asset for life”.


When you make a booking, we hold that place for you for the entire year or until wish to cancel. We require two weeks notice if you intend on cancelling your booking. Bookings are renewed once a year in late November/early December. All clients must rebook at this time.Make-up lessons will only be granted to those who have notified us of the absence of their child/ren. If you have not notified us, you will not be entitled to a make-up class. When you require a make-up lesson, please call on the day you wish to take that class for a vacancy. Fees must be up to date, otherwise a make-up class will not be available.

Make-up lessons

To ensure classes are settled and running smoothly with appropriate levels, we don’t allow make-up lessons to be completed within the first month of starting back for the year.

Make-up lessons can not be pre-booked.

Make-up lessons are valid for 12 months from the day of absence. Make up lessons are only valid whilst you have a current enrolment.  Please make sure you keep track of the number of make-up lessons you have outstanding to ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity to use these lessons.

When calling for a make-up lesson you are placed in a position where someone has notified us of their non-attendance on that day. If people have failed to notify us of their absence, we are unable to utilise this position, so for the benefit of everyone please call when your child/ren will not be attending.

A make-up class may not be with their normal teacher or may not be in the same position in the pool area.

Fees/Holding Fee Policy

Fees are paid monthly. Payment is due during the first week of each calendar month. The amount is calculated by how many lesson you will have for that month (adjusted to exclude public holidays etc).

Holding fees can be paid, if your child/ren will be away for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks, if you notify us of this extended absence in advance. They may be used for extended illness, holidays, injuries etc. When holding fees are paid you are not entitled to a make-up class. This purely holds your position for your extended absence.

Should you wish to cancel at any time from your lesson at Aquastyle, we do require two weeks notification of this or you will be charged a two week cancellation fee in lieu of notice.

Cancellation Policy

Upon cancelling, you are no longer entitled to outstanding make-up classes. Please ensure that all your make-up classes have been done prior to cancelling to prevent you from losing them. We also ask that all outstanding fees are paid up to and including your two weeks notice.

Under no circumstances will money be refunded for classes not taken.

Safety and Hygiene Rules

Aquastyle Swim School prides itself on its high standards of safety and water quality. 

At Aquastyle we use the latest water sanitising method which uses chlorine as well as UV technology to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness. 

  • Please advise us of any medical conditions the pupil might have (e.g. Asthma, epilepsy, hearing or learning difficulties, autism or auerspergers)
  • Pupils must not swim if they have any skin infections (or any other infections).
  • Parents are asked to ensure that children use the toilet before entering the water.
  • No pupil is permitted to enter the water until requested to do so by the class teacher.
  • Toddlers not involved in a swimming lesson are not permitted in the pool area. Parents are asked to keep them in the viewing room. No children are allowed to play with equipment set out for teaching.
  • No eating or drinking around the pool area.
  • No smoking inside the centre.
  • Pupils must not enter the foyer areas when wet.
  • Mum’s should not go into the male change rooms to dress their sons.
  • Dad’s should not go into the female change rooms to dress their daughters. 
  • Boys over the age of seven must not be changed in the girls change room.
  • Girls over the age of seven must not be changed in the boys change room
  • All children’s feet must be regularly checked for papilloma’s.